New Releases

Beyond the Search

Beyond the Search

Genre: Documentary, Action, Adventure Runtime: 30 Minutes Year: 2019

A set of 14 short movies that give more information and dig deeper, than its previous set of Christian documentaries... More

The story of the weeping camel

The Story of the Weeping Camel

Genre: Drama, Family Runtime: 93 Minutes Year: 2019

When a Mongolian nomadic family’s newest camel colt is rejected by its mother, a musician is needed for a ritual... More

The other side of Sunday

The Other Side of Sunday

Genre: Drama, Comedy Runtime: 1h 43min Year: 2019

The Other Side of Sunday criticizes the small, and often tight church community. We follow the Preachers Daughter; Maria, in... More


Survival Earth

Genre: Sci-Fi Runtime: 80 Minutes Year: 2019

In this Canadian rendering of a potential “apocalypse then”, in 1996, after the collapse of modern civilization (due to atomic... More



Genre: Documentary Runtime: 91 Minutes Year: 2019

Gritty documentary that looks at the lives of teenagers living on the streets of Seattle.



Genre: Documentary, Comedy Runtime: 1h 37min Year: 2019

Spellbound follows eight teenagers on their quest to win the 1999 National Spelling Bee.

Secrets of the Heart

Genre: Drama Runtime: 1h 45min Year: 2019

Javi and his friend Carlos snoop around an old house on the way home from school. According to his brother... More


Los Enchiladas!

Genre: Comedy Runtime: 75 Minutes Year: 2019

About a half dozen slacker dudes dwell at their jobs at Los Enchiladas, the local Mexican sit-down joint. The 2... More

Awakening the Skeena

Awakening the Skeena

Genre: Documentary, Adventure Runtime: 80 Minutes Year: 2019

An epic journey. A fragile wilderness under siege. An uncertain future and a call to action.

Loved UP

Genre: Drama, Romance Runtime: 68 min. Year: 2018

Tells the story of a girl who, while working in a London cafe, meets a “raver” who introduces her to... More