Genre: Documentary Rating: Not Rated Runtime: 114 Minutes Year: 2014

THE ANNA CABRINI CHRONICLES has the markings of a Lynchian underground classic.

The film follows a young woman who therapizes her own suicidal tendencies by chronicling the lives of fellow depressed lost souls. The characters feature various ways of dealing with mental health issues. Their stories are expressed in scenes and drama with an innovative mix of over 5,000 hand drawn animations

Winner Best Experimental Feature, Silverlake Film Festival

“Tawd Dorenfeld has done a fine job.”…Roger Corman

Comparing “The Anna Cabrini Chronicles to his work in developing an animated series for children with “Dream Works,” would be like comparing “Apocalypse Now” to Bambi!”… Graham Haworth, Santa Cruz

“If Anna was made in Hitchcock days, he would have been inspired!”…Katrina Clayton, REVIEWER magazine

“Crazy Genius!” …Roseanne Barr

Intellectuals who like the Ralph Bakshi and Robert Crumb animated fare will love this film. Tawd is like Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton, Don Hertzfeld, Ralph Bakshi and Mike Judge, all rolled into one! Those who enjoy stop-motion, from high-budget Henry Selick, to the more indie fare of Nicos Livesey and Don Hertzfeld, will be inspired.

Original score by Trey Spruance – guitarist and keyboardist with “Faith No More,” “Mr. Bungle” and “Secret Chiefs 3” (SC3).

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