THE 9th

Genre: Horror Rating: Not Rated Runtime: 86 Minutes Year: 2014

A magnificent party, hosted by the lottery winning owner of the penthouse, is plagued with brutality.

An exquisite jazz pianist plays out a story of surreal intrigue as guests sip champagne, cavort and dance around their hidden secrets. At the same time, horrific torture is taking place over a piano in a secret room on the 9th floor. Who is the tortured? Who is the brutal torturer, and why is this taking place beneath the soiree full of culprits? Only one person knows the answers. Finding that soul could unearth a more sinister and disturbing truth than any of the guests are willing to accept.

A neo noir whodunit. An insane portrait of a metaphoric game of “Cluedo” that will tear out your soul and throw it into a pool of cool jazz.

YOU WILL LOVE THIS FILM IF YOU LIKE: Agatha Christie ‘s Murder on the Orient Express, Berbernien Sound Studio, Shallow Grave, Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope, Art House film, cool Jazz, or British Horror.

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