Genre: Sci-Fi Rating: Not Rated Runtime: 83 Minutes Year: 2013

“Life is no comic book. Being a superhero is not what it use to be!”

He was a normal guy until the day he realized the amazing power of shooting ink out of his fingertips. Clad in a squid helmet, tight purple outfit and shooting ink, he became known worldwide as, “Squid Man,” the crime-fighting superhero. Then life changed when Squid Man was shunned from his, “Superhero crime-fighting team.” Unable to land a job, he spent aimless time boozing it up and reminiscing about the days when even a second-rater like him could save the universe (if only by accident.) But when a reporter wanted to include him in a book about superheroes, Squid Man was forced to face the dark mysteries of his past… and an even more unsettling idea that he might actually have a future.

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Athens International Film Festival, Fargo Fantastic Film Festival, Buffalo Dreams Film Festival, Flint Film Festival, West Virginia FILMMakers Festival

If you liked “Fanboy,” “Kick-Ass” and “Super,” you will love this film!

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