Genre: Drama Rating: Not Rated Runtime: 81 Minutes Year: 2015

How far would you go to escape from yourself?

Following the sudden death of his father, Graham drops out of graduate school and moves back home to Austin, Texas to pursue his passion as a musician. Life, including a renewed relationship with old flame Leah, is getting back on track. But, a suppressed event from his past is causing a fantasia of haunting, emotionally-charged hallucinations that threaten to drag him away from redemption, and deeper into despair.

►An, “edge-of-your-seat psychological drama that reflects real life situations.
►Featuring songs and live performances of notable musicians: Meagan Tubb & Shady People, Erin Ivey, This Orange Four, The Lisa Marshall Band and Drew Blackard.

Comparable movies: Crazy Heart, Memento, Garden State

“It is a subtle, yet ambitious exorcism of personal demons” …Rogue Cinema.

Available now on AMAZON INSTANT VIDEO. Also on CINECLIQ. http://cinecliq.com/movie/753/Distances.html